Why the Healthy Chinchilla marketplace for your Chinchilla?

At Healthy Chinchilla Company, we’re passionate about chinchillas and after over 15 years of hard work, we’ve become experts in chinchilla care. We hand-pick each chinchilla featured in our marketplace, looking for exceptional condition, quality and temperament. We thoughtfully track the family history (pedigree) of our chinchillas to assure that they are free from genetic defects and inbreeding. Our Chins are raised listening to classical music, eating the best available chinchilla diet and receiving their care from highly trained chinchilla care specialists. All this means is that each chinchilla from the Healthy Chinchilla marketplace is happy, healthy, gorgeous, and ready to be loved for years to come. Don’t wait for a less than exceptional, unhealthy chinchilla to become available at your local pet store. Choose a healthy chinchilla today! Check out our award winning, hand tamed, healthy chinchillas today!

Healthy Chinchilla marketplace is your expert source for exceptionally tame, health checked chinchillas!

Healthy Chinchilla Marketplace

Responsibly Bred Chinchillas

  • We hand-pick our Chins after researching each parent’s family history (pedigree) to be sure our chinchillas are free of genetic issues and diseases
  • Chinchillas are generally docile and curious, but when poorly bred or improperly cared for they can be high strung. Our Chins receive expert care and are specially selected and bred to be naturally more even-tempered.  We make sure they are hand-tame so you don’t need to spend 6-8 months or more taming them yourself.
  • Chinchilla fur is the softest in the world, 50x more dense than human hair. Our Chins have great quality fur and they look great too! This is due to their genetic make up, our pairings, and our specialized care. It’s the type of difference you don’t have to be a chinchilla expert to see! Check out our currently available chinchillas

Expert Service

  • Our Chins are cared for by Healthy Chinchilla Company trained and certified care specialists
  • Healthy Chinchilla Inspection – each of our Chins must pass our Healthy Chinchilla health inspection before going to their new homes
  • 30 Minute Chin-Safe Handling and Care Consultation – learn everything you need to know to prepare you for your Chin. We’ll touch on everything from the history of the chinchilla to everyday care
  • 45 Minute Breeding and Pairing Consultation – we teach you how to identify health issues with your Chin
  • Chin-Safe Chin Delivery – we deliver to you from Lansing, Michigan at $1.27 per mile

Show Quality Food and Supplies

  • We have everything you’ll need to care for your Chin for years to come
  • Healthy Chinchilla Dust – Chins need to be dusted daily to keep their fur luxurious and dry.
  • Healthy Chinchilla Pellets – Chins gotta eat. We feed our Chins the same food given to show Chins. It’s what takes their already awesome fur to the next level of soft and lustrous and keeps them healthy

The Other Guys

(pet stores, inexperienced breeders, non-experts)


  • Chinchillas are one of the most commonly inbred exotic pets. Many irresponsible breeders and virtually all pet sores DO NOT keep proper records. The other guys may be offering a chinchilla that could have fatal genetic health issues due to inbreeding and other poor breeding practices.
  • Chinchillas can be fed low quality chinchilla pellets and not kept in proper condition. The other guys often overlook the importance of chinchilla specific nutrients in feed or routine dusting and habitat maintenance.
  • The other guys may not have the handling expertise or understand the need to hand-tame their chinchillas. and even if they do, they may not take the time to teach you to handle your chinchilla safely. That means hours of wasted time you spend attempting to tame a potentially stressed and aggressive chinchilla.


  • The other guys may not have the experience and depend on misinformation (there’s a lot of it out there)
  • The other guys may not have as much time invested in chinchilla care and research to know what signs to look for regarding their health
  • The other guys may not have the knowledge or want to take time out to instruct you in caring for your chinchilla and avoiding injury
  • The other guys may not have the knowledge or want to take time out to instruct you to identify health issues with your chinchilla


  • The other guys probably aren’t chinchilla experts and rather than offering chinchilla supplies by chinchilla professionals, they may be using the first thing with ‘chinchilla’ on it they could find and sell.
  • The other guys may think any old feed, or supplies is alright for your chinchilla. They may not quite grasp that chinchillas have chin-specific needs and deserve chin-specific feed and chin-specific supplies intended to make their lives the best they can be.

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