Daily Care


  • Feeding and watering
  • Daily exercise within the home
  • Should not get wet
  • Can be left alone as long as their fed and watered (better to get a pair of Chins to combat loneliness)
  • Can learn tricks with clicker


  • Feeding and watering
  • Taken for a walk outside
  • More active play
  • Can be loud, temperament varies
  • Codependent
  • Can learn tricks with clicker


Health & Hygiene


  • Chinchillas are generally very healthy and live long. We pair our Chins to avoid inbreeding and lessen genetic diseases
  • A healthy Chin can live up to 15 years
  • Chinchillas are clean, you won’t smell them if you clean their cage at least once weekly
  • Chins keep up their hygiene through bathing daily in Healthy Chinchilla Dust


  • Genetics are more of a mixed bag, unless you know your breeder
  • More breeds, more misinformation
  • Dogs can be messy and are big enough to really get into things
  • Washed by hand or pay a groomer




  • High quality Healthy Chinchilla Pellets (tried and true, show Chin formula)
  • Meal, snack and nutrients available in one pellet
  • Set up recurring shipments once and done


  • Loves to eat, watches you eat, eats inanimate objects if not supervised
  • Which food is best? So many options…




  • Chinchillas can be found at a range of costs, depending on genetic lines, fur, temperament etc.
  • Chinchillas are considered to be luxurious because of their fur


  • Dogs range in price depending on breed, there are some luxury breeds
  • Toys get worn quicker, meaning you’ll need more in the long run
  • More likely to create a vet bill over its lifespan

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